Intercom and access control

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Audio & Video intercom system by Aiphone.

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More and more building owners, residential and commercial are opting to install a new intercom system integrated with audio and video as well.

Why just see hear when you can see (In full color and HD) as well.

We can update your existing intercom or access control system or install a complete new one.

Trouble shooting is one of our strong suits, it takes a lot of knowledge and integrity to find what the problem is and than being honest about it and fair about the price it would actually cost to fix or replace it.

Columbus Day Special

Columbus Day Special 10% off
Oct 9, 9:50 AM – Oct 10, 9:50 AM
We’d like to let you know that we’re open for business today 10/9/17 on Columbus Day!
That’s right, business as usual.
Happy Columbus Day New York.

Locksmith service on Columbus Day 2017

Whether you need a locksmith on the upper west side for an emergency service or an access control specialist for your intercom system in TriBeCa, we do it all today.

Our 10% off special is on for today, 10/9/17 Columbus Day.

Happy Columbus Day to you all from your local locksmith company at Metro Local Locksmith.


Electronic Digital Locks

Walking around with a bunch of keys all day long makes it very easy to loose your keys, or at least some of it.

It’s New York, lets face it, a copy of your key is probably floating around somewhere with someone, the management company, the landlord, the construction company and god knows who else.

An easy way to eliminate some of those jiggling keys out of your life would be to install an electronic lock with a digital keypad that uses a code for access control instead of the actual key.

Only those who have the code can open the door, you don’t have to leave keys under the mat anymore or chase people down to get your keys back from them.

Electronic deadbolt with a digital keypad

At Metro Local Locksmith we specialize in electronic deadbolts and digital access control, it’s easier than you think, you too can have a lock with a digital keypad that eliminate the need of a key all together.

Although it doesn’t take a key to unlock the door, only the access code, there’s still a key as an emergency option to override the code in case you forgot it or if the battery dies.

A lot of locksmith companies in New York City would offer a verity of electronic deadbolts and digital keypads, it is important to choose the right one though, you don’t want to go with a locksmith company who can’t get it done the right way, the first time.

In a sea of craziness and dishonesty, Metro Locksmith is a light house of professionalism, honesty and transparency.

Our online reputation is stellar and our Yelp reviews are one of the strongest testimonies of our character and craftsmanship.

So when ever you’re ready to move forward with your electronic lock installation and join us in 2017 where keys are no longer needed give us a call at Metro Local Locksmith and one of our technicians will be there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide you with a free estimate of your new digital keypad deadbolt lock.


Honest And Reliable Locksmith Company In New York City

Dear New York city young people, please read this post very carefully before calling an Emergency Locksmith in NYC.

You wouldn’t believe the shit show and the amount of dishonest locksmith companies out there.

From super shady call centers out of the country to random stickers and business cards on your building’s door or intercom unit, this city is filled with super random and not so honest locksmith companies.

Scam Alert!
Be Vey Careful Who You Call.

It got so bad that it’s literally almost impossible to separate the good guys from the bed ones.

Luckily we’ve got five easy steps in order to help you separate the wheat from the chaff.

So you probably ask your self, “What do I do if I get locked out and need a 24 hours locksmith?”   Well, there are a few things you can do in order to minimize the risk:

Step number one:   Ask every single question you can think of on the phone before you give the locksmith company your address, an honest locksmith would answer all your questions over the phone and would give you solid flat fee prices for any specific service, not just *starting prices or *minimum prices, an honest locksmith would give you the company’s name and address, he would give you the tech’s name and the license number if necessary.

Step number two:   After you have all the information go online (if you don’t have web access or a smart phone use a friend’s or a neighbor’s) and research some of the information you got, if the company doesn’t exist on Google Maps (like we do) or on Yelp (again, like we do) that’s a tale tale for bad news, if it does exist but has horrible reviews on Yelp, than again maybe you should use another company.

people love us on Yelp!

Step number three:   When you get the tech on site make sure that the information is similar to what you’ve got on the phone and online, the company’s name, phone number, website and address should be the same, the tech needs to know the company’s name as well, if any of these isn’t the same, something is wrong.

Step number four:   Make sure the locksmith gives you the whole shpill, you need to know everything you’re about to pay for before the guy does anything, I mean the whole 9 yards, if any of the prices aren’t matching what you’ve got on the phone you need to know that ahead of time, the price may change a bit and that’s fine, maybe you have a high security lock that can’t be picked, maybe it’s a different key for your car because you got the year, make and model wrong, things can change and that’s ok.

Step number five:   Payment and warranty, make sure what form of payment the company accepts, nowadays credit cards should be an acceptable form of payment almost anywhere any time, cash and checks may not be accepted by some companies so find out in advance, unless you want to make a late night trip to the ATM.                               Warranty should be included in the price for both parts and labor, a 90 day warranty should be standard though most honest companies (us included) would provide you with a 6-12 month warranty for both parts and labor.

Metro Local Locksmith.
Upper West Side locksmith company.

After all is said and done, there is no substitute to an honest local company you already know and trust or have received service from in the past successfully, all the research in the world won’t makeup for past experience.

So don’t get scammed and make sure your first locksmith experience is a good one, because if it sounds too good to be true over the phone, it’s usually because it is.

When you need an honest, licensed and reliable locksmith company on the Upper West Side, Manhattan or anywhere else in the greater New York area for that matter, give us a call first, you’ll be glad you did.



Upper West Side Locksmith Company

When looking for a locksmith company on the upper west side look no further than Metro Local Locksmith.

Our 24 hours hands on locksmiths will solve your emergency the right way, the first time.

Metro Local Locksmith.
Upper West Side locksmith company.


Whether you’re looking for a residential locksmith or a commercial one for your business, Metro is the right fit for you, with  24 hours a day, 7 days a week year round locksmith service on the Upper West Side.

More and more private clients, corporate stores and offices choose us as their professional GO-TO locksmith company on the Upper West Side in particular and Manhattan in general.

Jimmy proof deadbolt lock in polished chrome.


With an Upper West Side location, we’re ALWAYS available.

High security keys and locks, on the spot car key cutting and programming and so much more.

New locks installed on a residential apartment door or a new intercom with audio and video monitors in each apartment, we cover the whole spectrum, so Metro Local Locksmith is really your one stop shop on the Upper West Side.

Covering all Upper West Side zip codes all day long (and night!) it doesn’t matter where you are, we serve buildings and management companies on West End Ave on the low 60’s (10023 zip code) and other stores and buildings on Broadway ave in the high 70’s (10024 zip code) and of course the entire 10025 zip code north of 96th st and all the way up.

Locksmith companies on the upper west side comes a dime a dozen, so it may be hard to know who to trust, and it’s a lot of trust to place in the hands of a stranger.

At Metro Local Locksmith we pride our selfs at being straight shooters, an honest locksmith company, our pricing is clear and the process is completely transparent from top to bottom.

Keeping our clients informed about our fees, time tables and expected arrival time of their new intercom system is a top priority for us.

So give us a call today, you’ll be happy you did.

We fix Glass Doors

Glass doors can be freaky.

Sometimes a glass door needs to be removed for the hardware on the door to be replaced, Door closers may be on top or on the bottom, visible or concealed in the cement under the door saddle.

Locks and other hardware may also require the removal of the door in some cases.

We love helping out our Upper West Side neighbors @ Joe & the Juice with their Columbus Ave location (247 Columbus Ave).
We had to remove and reinstall the store front glass door in order to gain access and replace the door closer that was buried under the cement floor.
Out with the old, in with the new!
The best avocado sandwich we’ve had in a while.

Great staff, great juice and excellent vibes!!!


For farther information or to learn more about our commercial locksmith services in general and glass door locksmith services in particular please click the link below.

Commercial locksmith and glass door services.


We Fix Intercom And Security Systems

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Time to upgrade your old intercom system?
A new Video & Audio intercom system is not as expensive as you’d think.
Would you like to see and record activity around your business or apartment when you’re away?

Audio & Video intercom system by Aiphone.

A new I.P video camera and a DVR or NVR is just what you need.
Don’t hold off any longer, take advantage of our current promotion.
Trust Metro Local Locksmith with your security and access control needs.
Your peace of mind is our top priority, no job is too big nor too small.

Movie auto locksmith service, we can cut you key on site.

Our team will accommodate your job and walk you through the process from top to bottom, starting with our FREE estimate through customized parts and all the way to completion.
With a 12 month warranty on parts and labor you can’t go wrong!
Click or call today, you’ll be glad you did.


Intercom Locksmiths NYC

At Metro Local Locksmith we fix intercom units.

We are New York City’s specialists when it comes to fresh (new) installations, troubleshooting existing systems and upgrading old intercom systems.

It doesn’t matter what’s wrong with your system or how old it is, our intercom and access control specialists will fix or replace it, sometimes on the same visit.

Our technicians are experts when it comes to intercom systems in commercial and residential buildings in New York, we work with some of the most innovative intercom and access control companies and distributers in the market today:

Aiphone, Commelit, Butterfly and Seidle to name a few.

We fix intercoms!

Stand alone door units, with or without video camera, multi doors solutions or just a singular, we do it all.

Aiphone intercom and access control system.

A growing number of co-op buildings and management companies are trusting us with their intercom and access control needs, we provide same day service in most cases and in most neighborhoods of Manhattan and the surrounding boroughs.

Most buildings in New York now days would have some sort of intercom system, it maybe old with audio unit only or equipped with a state of the art video and audio stand a lone unit with in house video monitor or even smart phone access for communicating and unlocking the door.

A townhouse or brownstone with multiple floors in the same unit? No problem, we can customize a system with multiple screens and even mobile access intercom solutions to accommodate your every need.

No intercom job is too big nor too small.

Being a locksmith company and not only a communication or low voltage company gives us the edge to come full circle when it comes to your access control and intercom needs because it enables us to solve ALL your security issues including the actual locking mechanism of the door (usually a magnet or an electric strike) and the actual cylinder and keys.

When you need your intercom system fixed, replaced or upgraded don’t hesitate and give us a call.

yelp locksmith

Now it’s official, people love us on Yelp.

people love us on Yelp!

With 85 reviews averaging 5 stars rating, we must be doing something right?!

When you’re looking for a locksmith in New York City, why not go with the most trust worthy locksmith on the upper west side?

More New Yorkers and Yelpers trust us with their security and locksmithing than any other locksmith company.


Lost Car Key No Spare What To Do

We’ve all been there at some point, you go peacefully about your day and somewhere at some point you realize you have no idea where your car keys are, you spaced out so hard being preoccupied with some other stuff that you don’t even know where to begin look for it at.

Back in the day when car keys had no transponder chips and no fancy transmitters and smart keys, it was much much easier, cheaper and faster to replace a lost or stolen car key.

So if you’ve lost your car key and you have no spare keys in reach, (a key in a different state or continent doesn’t really help you right now, does it ?!), you probably go online on your phone or computer and you search something like this “lost car key no spare what to do” and you see that the best course of action would probably be to call a locksmith or tow your vehicle to the nearest dealership.

Towing your car to the dealer may be an added expense you can’t afford and even if your insurance covers it all or some of it, you still have to get it to the dealers and have it sit there for god knows how long before they’ll get to it, not to mention nights and weekends when the dealership is closed all together.

Your second (or maybe first) course of action is calling your somewhat local locksmith company and hope o god they provide 24 hours locksmith service and that they actually make automotive keys and smart keys on site and finally that they have the right hardware in stock and the right programming tool to go along with it in order to program your key on the spot.

car locksmith nyc

Auto locksmith in New York City

Here it’s where it gets a little hairy so pay attention and take notes:

A lot of locksmith companies neither really know how nor have the resources and equipment to facilitate your new car key job on the spot, but and it’s a big but, they don’t want to miss on the fun and lose you as a client and paying costumer, so this is what they would do:

A: They would out source the job to a subcontractor that doesn’t work for them at all but has the ability and equipment to cut and program your new car key, so “what’s the problem your asking ?” well that subcontractor needs to get payed, and the locksmith company you called won’t pay him out of their pocket, they’ll pay him out of your pocket sunshine, beginning to get the picture here yet ?!

The freelance sub they call in works on commission, which means the bigger the job, the bigger the paycheck, everyone needs to eat and the company still cuts a 50% coupon here other then the 50% the subcontractor makes, and yes you guest it right, you’re paying for it out of your pocket with inflated locksmith service prices, (these techniques are the same when it comes to regular locksmith jobs), so be ware.

B: Obviously they won’t tell you on the phone they’re sending over a freelance and there for you’re going to pay 200% more, no no no.   What they will do is have zero mentioning of the fact that they are outsourcing the job and either zero mentioning of the price or they’ll mumble something about a “minimum price” or a “beginning price” on the phone and let the subcontractor do the old bait and switch on site when they already got you hanging by the balls.

He’s already there, you need the key, it’s late at night and you’re panicking so you decide to go with it and the hell with the money, this is exactly what they’re counting on.

We provide 24 hour locksmith and car locksmith service.

How not to become a statistic ???   Make god damn sure over the phone what the EXACT price would be, not an estimate or a minimum price or some other bullshit, make sure that the company is legit and licensed and ask for the techs name and license, also make sure the company’s name is the same on the phone, on there website or yelp page and on the invoice the tech is handing you at the end of the job.

Don’t fall for any of the good old “every car key is different and we need to see onsite what needs to be done in order to give you an exact price” NO NO NO!

Any reputable locksmith can ask you a few specific questions on the phone and quote you an exact price for the job.

Luckily for you we are the good guys and you’ve got us on your corner, we will always quote you a full price out the door before we’ll perform any job on your lock or vehicle.

At Metro Local Locksmith we provide a 24 hour locksmith and car locksmith service in New York City in general and on the Upper West Side specifically, we’re truly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week NYC locksmith company, we’re licensed and insured and have a vast knowledge of all car security systems whether smart keys or transponder keys.

Our auto locksmith department is equipped with state of the art cutting machines and top notch computers for fast and reliable key programming on site at your location.

We wil come to you day and night and make sure you can get back on the road with new car keys your hand and the peace of mind in your heart knowing no one ripped you off and that the code for your car key is safe with a lichened reputable locksmith company.

Mobile auto locksmith service, we can cut your key on site.

Most car thefts in New York are with a spare key, someone at some point obtained a copy of your car key, so don’t assume anything and trust no one when it comes to your safety and security, make sure it’s a legit company and don’t get scammed just because it’s an emergency and you need a locksmith now!

Common sense is always the best tool to make judgment calls with, if it doesn’t make any sense, it’s probably shouldn’t happen, if you wouldn’t have done that on  regular day, you probably shouldn’t be doing it now either.

So rock on New York and stay safeish out there.