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WE Service All 5 Boroughs of NYC and Parts of upstate NY 24 Hours a Day

Life doesn't always let you know when it’s coming at you at full speed, we know that when you accidentally get locked out of your apartment or car it isn't always one of those “best case scenario” moments, you're usually running late at the beginning of the day or at the end of it.

Going on a laundry run, taking the garbage out or losing your keys in the subway or taxi, are definitely top three. Our one advise to you would be, ALWAYS touch your keys before leaving the apartment or work, make sure you have it with you. So whether it’s super late at night on Saint Patty’s Day or really early in the morning on Christmas day, don’t panic and call us at Metro Local Locksmith. We’ll be there day or night, rain or shine (or snow) to unlock your car, open your apartment’s door or make you a new car key on the spot, no matter where you are within the five boroughs or the metro New York area we service.

You take yourself seriously and so do we, it’s our mission not to waste your time, we know that this situation isn’t exactly easy for you and we promise you that we’ll do everything within our power to make sure it isn't anymore difficult than it has to be. We’ll answer your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, no matter how late it is or how many questions you have, we’ll answer all your question to the best of our knowledge, and provide you with the fastest most courteous emergency locksmith service we know how.

So don’t let New York get the best of you, and don’t be the neighbor that sleeps in the hallway, call us 24/7 at (646) 450-6320 we’ll be there guaranteed.

Your Apartment Locksmith

New York City is one of the most densely populated cities in the world and apartments switch hands more than a dollar bill. Between the super, landlord, management company, the construction crew, the painters and electricians, everyone and their sister probably still have the key to your apartment front door. We are here to help you choose the right security solution for your apartment or townhouse in a city where everyone is trying to get a piece of you

Metro Local Locksmith provides 24 hour locksmith service. We’ll be at your doorstep to unlock it or change your locks anytime day or night. Police reports and crime statistics shows that the vast majority of apartments which got broken into DID NOT have a deadbolt lock on the door. Avoid being a statistic.


  • Mortise lockset standard size (91A size): $225
  • Mortise lockset heavy duty, commercial size: $325
  • Jimmy proof deadbolt: with basic cylinder installed: $225
  • Mortise cylinder: basic cylinder, standard size 1-1/8” in length: $125
  • High security mortise or rim cylinder: for a Mul-T-Lock cylinder with code card or Medco at standard size 1-1/8” in length: $225
  • High security jimmy proof deadbolt: supplied and installed with Mul-T-Lock cylinder and code card. No plate included" $325
  • High security Jimmy proof deadbolt with Mul-T-Lock cylinder and regular top plate supplied and installed: $375
  • High security jimmy proof Mul-T-Lock deadbolt top guard plate with drill proof cylinder and plate: $425
  • High security Mul-T-Lock tubular deadbolt supplied and installed including keys and a code card: $425
  • Basic security tubular deadbolt plus 2 basic keys: $225
  • Keyed door knob, privacy and bedroom doorknob: $125
  • Labor, repairs and installations of existing hardware: $125/hr or a part of it

Your Roadside Assistance Locksmith

At Metro Local Locksmith, we pride ourselves in having the ability to cut and program almost any car key in existence in todays vehicle market, on the spot! Whether your car key and remote broke, got stolen by a crazy ex or even fell down the old elevator shaft ( we get these twice a week ), we got you covered. Regular keys, high security keys ( laser cut style ), transponder chipped keys and push to start ( proximity ) smart keys, we do it all, wether you've lost your last set of keys or you'd like to make a spare out of an existing car key, we’ll get it done with no BS.

  • Locked your keys in the car while the kids drive you crazy ? not a problem, we’ll unlock it for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Keys in the ignition, on the floor, on the seat and in the trunk; we’ve seen it all! No worries, we've got this.
  • Ignition switch problems and car keys that decided to stop working are no big deal for us, we fix, replace and re-key broken ignition switches all the time.
There is no need to have your vehicle towed to the dealer by a shady tow truck and pay an arm and a leg ( both towing fees and dealer fees ) in order to get a new car key, we’ll do it on the spot, same day or night and for a reasonable price, both foreign and domestic vehicles.
Roadside assistance doesn't have to be a stressful process, let us help you make this a more positive experience.

Your Business Locksmith

Metro Local Locksmith provides a full scale of locksmith and security solutions for your business. Management companies, independent buildings, corporate accounts, mom & pop store fronts and offices, we do it all, from simple lockouts and lock change, to fire and glass door repair and replacement; Want to secure your business or office with a camera system and a DVR ? No problem we’re here for you; We provide free estimates for access control systems with key fobs or smart cards, intercom systems with or without video cameras, electronic locks, biometric locks and magnet locks. We provide the highest and finest security systems and security locks in the market. Our best selling brand for both residential and business applications is the high security, high end Mul-T-Lock.
When it comes to lose prevention and business security you shouldn't ask yourself “am I spending too much?“ you should ask yourself “am I spending enough?” only you know what your business is worth, and how much is too much.


There are mainly two types of safes in everyday use: burglary resistant safes and fire resistant safes. All safes, either for commercial or residential use, can be unlocked, repaired or replaces by our technicians.

A safe may have an electronic locking mechanism or a mechanical one, it should be resistant to any environmental catastrophe and should stay locked at all times unless you have the key or the access code for it.

All safes, either for commercial or residential use, comes in all sizes and with all types of locks, cylinders and lock mechanism. A safe may have an electronic locking mechanism or a mechanical one, but at the end it should be resistance and stay locked at all times unless you have the key or the access code for it. Safes my be as small as a shoe box or as big as a room such as bank safes. Safes can be placed in a closet, bolted to the floor, or attached and concealed to the wall.

At Metro Local Locksmith we provide unlocking services, repairing services and installing services for all makes and models of safes. As a New York City locksmith company, we are capable of dealing with all of your safe needs, whether if it's a hand gun safe that needs unlocking, a digital commercial safe that needs the combination changed or a bolt mechanism residential safe that needs to be installed in the wall, we do it all, usually on the same day and on the same visit. Our technicians are highly capable and trained to work with the most sophisticated tools and techniques in the market today, so you know that we have a very intimate relationship with almost any safe in existence, so we can provide you with the best service in the locksmith industry of NYC. No matter where you are in the five boroughs, we will get to you day or night and fix your emergency, install or unlock your safe, all in a very friendly, fast, professional, discreet and affordable way. When you call us at Metro Local Locksmith, you know we know our job and that safes are part of our field of expertise, DON'T risk and compromise your security, valuable information and assets to the hands of a shady locksmith that knows nothing about safes. The right safe for you, may not be the right safe for someone else, we can help you choose the right safe at the right size and with the right mechanism that would fit your needs and your budget, it doesn't have to be the most expensive safe, it has to be the right one for you. It is not every day that you install a safe at your home or business or change the combination on one, so when you finally do, make sure you do it right, do it with the right guys, do it with Metro Local Locksmith, the only locksmith company in New York that guarantees your peace of mined. If you need more information or have a question about our line of safes or other products, give us a call today for a good advise and a FREE consultation, you'll be glad you did.

High Security Mul-T Locks

Mul-T-Lock keys can't be made nor duplicated by a reputable locksmith, without a specific code card that has the key information and the owners information as it appears on his or hers I.D, with a valid signature. MUL-T-LOCK makes a large variety of locks and cylinders, amongst them you'll find the high security mortise lockset, the high security mortise and rim cylinders, high security tubular single and double sided dead bolts, levers and door knobs for both commercial and residential use.

These days MUL-T-LOCK, is a world leader in high security locks and cylinders, both the lock and the key are durable and very strong, all MUL-T-LOCK cylinders and keyed locks can't be picked nor bumped with a common bump key that can open easily most ordinary locks and cylinders. A high security lock can provide peace of mined and keep you safe, keep your business secure, and your data and information unreachable, it provides you with the certainty of knowing who has your key, but more importantly who hasn't, it can be combined on a master key system for offices and other large scale companies, it can be installed in many forms on almost any door, whether if its a glass door with Adams Rite lock, a metal door with a mortise cylinder or a double sided tubular dead bolt on a security metal door on your back yard or terrace gate. MUL-T-LOCK is one of the only locks in the NYC locksmith industry that can't be picked, it's guaranteed for a life time, The strength of the materials combined with the shape of the key and the structure of the pins in the cylinder, makes the MUL-T-LOCK, a high security lock that is almost impossible to defeat. Inside every MUL-T-LOCK cylinder there are double pins, exterior pins and inner pins, the exterior pins are bigger and hollow, the inner pins are smaller and are full, the small pins fit right in to the big ones and create a double pin that can't be beaten nor defeated by any other lock in the market today.

As New York City locksmiths, Metro Local Locksmith is a proud provider of MUL-T-LOCK, cylinders and high security locks, we also provide other high security locks, but we always recommend MUL-T-LOCK first, and for a few good reasons:

  • MUL-T-LOCK, has a very large variety of cylinders in all shapes, finishes and sizes.
  • It is the most durable lock in the locksmith industry today.
  • No one can make copies of your keys but you, so you always know where your keys are and who has a copy of your keys.
  • A basic Adams Rite, mortise mechanism or a regular jimmy proof dead bolt, can be transformed into a high security lock in a matter of minutes, by changing the cylinder to a MUL-T-LOCK cylinder with a code card, in other words it can be fitted on almost any lock.

The peace of mined you have knowing your property is secured with the toughest, strongest lock in the industry today. When it comes to security, the one of your loved ones or your company's data and information, the real question you need to ask yourself is not whether you can afford a high security lock, but whether you can afford yourself NOT to? Only you can answer, how much is too much to risk, at Metro Local Locksmith, we always recommend MUL-T-LOCK first. We carry in our vehicles at all times, MUL-T-LOCK and other high security locks for your security and safety.

If you are not completely sure if MUL-T-LOCK is the right lock for you or would like to ask us a question or consult regarding a lock dilemma, then please give a call today for a free consultation, we'll be happy the stand by and help you upgrade the security around you and your loved ones.

Fire escape window gates & store front rolling gates


Metro Local Locksmith provides metal gates for business and homes in New York City and the Metropolitan Area. We service most styles of iron doors and gates to meet any need - commercial or residential, we also offer all types of professional ironwork including welding and repair. Our iron technicians are always available to repair, service and weld metal gates in New York, regardless of size or placement.
We supply, install and repair fire escape window gates for your fire escape window, in your NYC apartment FDNY approved, as well as manual and electronic roll down gates for store fronts in the New York City Metropolitan Area.

If your fire escape doesn't have a window gate or if that gate isn't safe or FDNY approved, don't wait until something happens, contact us and we will measure your window, supply and install a costume gate specifically for your window.

Your store front gate is jammed and won't come up or down, Not a problem, we’ll be there with same day service, day or night.


At Metro Local Locksmith we provide lock installation and other locksmith services to NYC and the surrounding neighborhoods 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your most important lock is your top lock, your deadbolt, on most doors in the City of New York that top deadbolt lock is a Jimmy Proof deadbolt. We carry a large variety of deadbolts and jimmy proof locks, whatever your budget is, we will help you choose and install the right deadbolt lock for you.

A strong deadbolt lock can be the difference between a safe and secure premisses, to a not so safe environment.Often a thief will search the neighborhood for weak doors that do not have top deadbolt locks or that have cheap ones.No one want's to admit that almost any one can open their door relatively easy with a common BUMP KEY or a pick tool. A strong dead bolt lock would usually be a high security lock, at Metro Local Locksmith we strongly recommend that your top deadbolt lock will be a high security MUL-T-LOCK. When installing a high security top lock, you automatically up-grade the security around your home or apartment.If you are not sure what would be the right deadbolt for your door,then please contact us today, we will help you get the right decision made.

Security Systems (CCTV & Surveillance)

We provide a large variety of CCTV surveillance and security cameras for all your commercial, business and residential needs. Closed circuit television (CCTV) is almost a second name for security and surveillance systems. It allows you to monitor your property and/or staff from almost anywhere on the glob, either from your computer or directly on your mobile device ( almost any cellular phone), at any weather, day or night 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.These days technology allows us to track and detect almost any one any where, indoor or outdoor, day or night.

At Metro Local Locksmith, we supply and install CCTV and surveillance systems that are superior in quality and resistance. We provide and install DVR (digital video recording) systems with cameras that provides either live feed or prerecorded signal, directly to your phone or a monitor, we also provide consulting services for security needs, locations and number of cameras, as well as recommending the right type of camera for every specific job, terrain, weather and distance from target.

At Metro Local Locksmith we can accommodate all your security needs with a discreet accurate service that is unique for your needs and for your needs only. We strongly suggest you'll have a security CCTV system installed at your business place or home whether it's an apartment or a townhouse.Call us today for a free quote or consultation, we will solve your problem and fix your emergency faster then you can imagine.We fix, replace or install any surveillance system, let Metro Local Locksmith analyze your needs, and gain your peace of mined again, knowing that you've got the best in the business taking care of your security needs day or night.

Electronic Access Control & Intercom Systems

At Metro Local Locksmith, we strive to provide you with the highest most sophisticated ACCESS CONTROL system in the market, as well as the finest solution for your INTERCOM SYSTEM needs. There are different types of access control systems: there are those who work with a key-code on a digital pad that illuminates the need of a key, or a more personal finger print bio-metric lock that reads your accessible print or prints that have been previously scanned and introduced to the system or those who work with a magnetic lock, accessible only with a programed magnetic card, that can be readable to the system by proximity, contact or simply swiped thru it.

At Metro Local Locksmith, we specialize in access control. There is no need to have a bunch of keys and carry them around, risking loosing your keys or not knowing who has a copy of your keys and where. Commercial or residential, it doesn't matter, our experienced technicians are equipped and trained to deal with any need in commercial or residential buildings in the city of New York. We can estimate and install the same week, whether it's a magnetic lock with numerous location and over a 100 or more code cards, or a digital key-pad with multiple access codes on it for different staff members and executives.

Don't jeopardize and risk your information and important assets, there is no need to change all the locks and provide new keys for every one, or carry different keys for different doors every time a stuff member or a manager is being fired, you can simply re program the code cards or re-set the access code on your electronic key pads. We can install, maintenance, fix or add video to your existing intercom system. New buildings or old, it doesn't matter, we will install a new intercom system instead of your old one, or insert a complete new one from scratch. By letting Metro Local Locksmith install your intercom system, you can gain your peace of mind back, by knowing exactly who can access your building and office, and who can't.

glass and fire proof metal doors

Doors come in all shapes, sizes and fabrications, some are metal others are wood or glass and some are a mix of them all. In New York City most of the apartment doors are usually made of either hollow metal or combined metal and solid wood ( calamine ), both options are fire rated, the last one is stronger. A strong door that's built with the right materials and installed properly, will stand extraordinary forces and burglary attempts.

As your New York City locksmith company, we specialize in all types and makes of doors, both residential and commercial. Store front glass doors, with or without metal frame with regular or concealed door closers, regular or tempered glass, Metro Local Locksmith is one of the leading companies in glass door repair and installations in the city. Just because you need your door or gate to be durable and strong, it doesn't necessarily means it should be ugly. At Metro Local Locksmith we provide an uncompromising quality service without risking neither strength and practicality, nor beauty elegance and esthetics. We are capable of dealing with any scale job, whether it's your front door and lock that needs to be changed, or the doors in the entire building with matching locks and master keys.E-mail, text or give us a call today, we'll help you choose the right door, lock and security system for your specific needs and budget.